“Always doing what’s best for our clients. That is in our culture, in our value system, in our plans for our clients, their families and businesses.”
–Marty Kelman, Founding Partner


We invest in relationships first.

As pioneering financial planners since 1979, we have always invested in relationships first, in understanding our clients and their families as if they are our own. Our people-first philosophy and proven wealth-building prowess have driven our growth over four decades, prospered our clients and benefited their families across generations.

Experience to grow wealth across generations.

 As fiduciaries, we provide you with wise counsel based on your circumstances, your goals, and your objectives. That way, our interests (yours and ours) are aligned. When your portfolio goes up in value, so does compensation to your fee-based advisor. When it goes down, ours does to. Our clients, business owners, professionals, affluent families, and others, consider that fair.  

As a result, our firm has grown steadily. As of 12/31/2020, we steward more than $500 million in client assets under management. And we serve scores of families across multiple generations. Their confidence attests to our abilities to help grow, protect, and guide wealth across generations.

If you have questions about us or your finances, please reach us via email or give us a call to schedule an appointment.